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  • Vet fees up to £7,500
  • Additional benefits
  • Overseas travel
  • Public liability

Pet insurance for cats and dogs

20% introductory discount in the first year

Pet Insurance

Pet policies are usually renewable annually though the terms such as the premium or excess may change at the insurer’s discretion.  Occasionally an insurer will cease underwriting Pet insurance altogether and, were that to affect you, we will advise you as soon as possible and seek an alternative insurer.  This might then affect your cover for conditions already affecting your pet.


Petguard offers a pet insurance policy dedicated to providing a different approach to pet insurance. Rather than give you an all inclusive package, we let you create your own unique policy so you only pay for the cover you need.

This is a policy for 12 months and future periods of insurance cannot be guaranteed. We may decline to offer a further period of insurance at our discretion.  When we offer a further period of insurance we will be entitled to change the premiums, excess, conditions or to apply exclusions.

So what's so great about Petguard?

  • 4 different levels of vet fees
  • Vet fee excess of just £50 per condition in your first year (new policies arranged on or after the12th August 2103)
  • Quick treatment - there's no need to consult us first if your pet is referred for specialist treatment by your vet
  • Cover for complementary treatment, clinical diets and behavioural problems
  • Tailor a policy specifically to suit your pet
  • Pay monthly at no extra cost

A little bit about us

Petguard is a trading style of Thistle Insurance Services Ltd, part of Jardine Lloyd Thompson Group plc, who have been providing pet insurance for thousands of UK pet owners for over 30 years.

We're passionate about insurance for cats & dogs and like to think we're different in the way we approach things. You can get a quote and purchase cover in less than 5 minutes online - just a few simple questions and you'll get an instant quote, or if you prefer you can speak to our friendly, knowledgeable UK Contact Centre who will be happy to help.

Petguard - pet insurance specially for cats and dogs

Pets are great, we love them but sometimes they do have a knack of getting into trouble which can  lead to costly vet bills, which is why you should consider Petguard pet insurance. If an accident or illness strikes, our pet insurance will help support the costs of keeping your cat or dog in good health so that you can continue to enjoy their company for as long as possible.

Why buy pet insurance?

It's a sad fact that every year thousands of cats and dogs fall ill or have an accident and with the average cost of emergency treatment for a road traffic accident at the vets now over £500, that's a figure which can come as quite a shock.

If your cat or dog is unlucky enough to develop a condition which requires ongoing treatment, cost can really start to stack up. Modern technology has brought considerable progress in pet care but with it the cost of investigative veterinary work has risen with the cost of an MRI scan or X-ray being anything up to £1,000 and £150 respectively.

If you own a pedigree dog or cat, unfortunately it is more likely that you will incur veterinary expense as pedigree pets are more likely to suffer from hereditary conditions.

Why buy Petguard in particular?

With Petguard, you create your own cover so you only pay for what you need. First you start with vet fees - we have four levels and you choose the one that suits either your needs or pocket. Then you select any additional options which you might need like overseas travel cover or third party liability. Essentially that's all there is to it, you've created your very own pet insurance cover either by phoning our UK Contact Centre or better still online, where you can see the quote change as you select your options.