Accident & Illness Explained

Choose from either our Accident & Illness cover, or our Accident Only cover

Accident and illness insurance explained

Does my insurance cover my pet against an accident or illness?

Nobody wants to see their pet suffer from an injury or ill-health, so if your cat or dog isn’t feeling themselves then it’s important that they’re on the mend soon. When you take out a policy with us, you will have the option of three different levels of vet fee cover. With our Accident and Illness cover, we can provide up to £12,000 a year to help pay for the cost of treatment if your cat or dog falls ill. In addition, we include a 25% contribution towards complementary treatments that your vet prescribes. 

Can older dogs be insured?

As your pet approaches their senior years, you’ll want to know that they’re in safe hands as they grow older. That’s why our insurance includes protection to older cats and dogs. Sadly, as a cat or dog ages – much like us – the risk of falling ill increases. So, if your pet falls ill and needs medical attention, then under our Accident & Illness cover, we can contribute towards their vet fees – although if your pet is over 8 years of age, then the amount you will be required to pay will be:

• £100 excess

• Plus 20% of the remaining cost of treatment.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide cover for pre-existing conditions that your pet suffers from. If you’ve recently adopted an older dog or cat, then the vet fees that have accumulated from a condition which has been identified by a vet prior to the start of your insurance will not be included in your vet fees cover. You can find out more information about our policy on pre-existing conditions here.

Can I extend my Accident & Illness cover?

Want extra cover for your pet? You can extend your Accident & Illness cover with our optional extras. You can get up to 60 days of cover per trip with our Overseas Travel option, as well as up to £2million to cover liability costs if your dog gets into bother with a third party. So, take a look at what more you can get from your cover below.

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Overseas Travel

We can help with the cost of vet fees abroad, as well as providing up to £1,500 to cover emergency expenses. Maximum 60 days of cover per trip.


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Dog Liability Insurance

Up to £2million per event in Public Liability insurance available if your dog injures someone or damages property. If your dog gets you into bother then we can help. Conditions apply.


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Accident Only insurance explained

What is Accident Only pet insurance?

If you’re looking for an uncomplicated cover for your pet, then you may be interested in our Accident Only pet insurance. Accident Only pet insurance is our most basic level of cover for cats and dogs, aimed at protecting you from potentially expensive trips to the vets should your pet suffer an accident. If your pet has hurt themselves while they’re out playing, or suffered a bump around the house, then this cover may pay towards the cost of their treatment. It's important to understand that Accident Only cover will not protect you from any vet fees that relate to an illness or condition. You cannot extend this cover to include Dog Liability Insurance. 

What's included in Accident Only pet insurance?

With Accident Only insurance, you will receive a basic level of cover which will count towards the vet fees incurred should your pet hurt themselves or suffer an accident. There are no extended covers for your pet when you take out Accident Only insurance.

Of course, if you’d like your cover to include the cost of treating your cat or dog when they fall ill, then we can do just that. Our standard Accident & Illness cover can provide up to £12,000 a year to pay for the cost of vet fees brought about due to an accident or illness suffered by your pet.