Overseas Travel

Thinking about taking your pet abroad?

Overseas travel cover

Why might I need pet travel insurance?

Do you have a holiday lined-up that you want your pet to be a part of? Or feeling guilty about leaving your dog at home? Well now they can join you abroad! With pet travel insurance, you can take both cats and dogs abroad and receive the same level of cover as you do back home, to keep your mind at ease.

Whether you're taking your Dalmatian to the Dalmatian Coast, or if your cat has a favourite sleeping spot in your holiday home, you may want insurance while overseas in case something goes wrong.

As part of our Overseas Travel cover, we can also include some additional benefits that are specifically designed to help protect your furry friends while they're abroad and ensure that a special trip away with your pet doesn't become a holiday to forget.

What's included in our overseas cover?

Our Overseas Travel cover can provide you and your pets with the insurance you need to help make sure that your holiday goes swimmingly. With our extended Overseas Travel cover, the same great benefits that you already receive in the UK will automatically join you over in Europe, the Republic of Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands.

We know that you want to sit back and relax while you're on holiday, but sometimes this can be hard if you're worrying about your dog being bitten by ticks or missing your flight home. So that's why we also offer additional benefits as part of our overseas cover that can help, including:

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Loss of Pet Passport

We can replace your pet’s passport should it become damaged or lost. If your pet can't travel or you lose the passport while you’re away, then we can cover the cost of a replacement. Loss must be reported to your vet within 24 hours.

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Quarantine Costs

We offer up to £2,000 to cover the cost should your pet be placed into quarantine. As part of the Pet Travel Scheme, if your pet is quarantined due to illness, then we can pay for their stay. Pre-existing conditions are not covered. Maximum 60 days per trip.

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Emergency Expenses

We can offer up to £1,500 to cover travel and accommodation fees should you miss your departure because your pet requires emergency treatment. Pre-existing conditions or treatments that your pet doesn’t need aren't covered.

What is the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS)?

Before you can take your pets abroad with you, you will need to adhere to what is known as the 'Pet Travel Scheme.'

The EU Pet Travel Scheme, or PETS as it's often known, authorises the movement of cats and dogs to the UK. As part of the Pet Travel Scheme, pets are required to meet certain standards, such as:

  • Being microchipped
  • Having up-to-date vaccinations - including vaccination against rabies
  • Ownership of a valid Pet Passport

The Pet Travel Scheme was implemented as a preventative measure to stop cats and dogs from entering the UK with contaminants such as rabies, tapeworm and tick-borne diseases.

How much can I be covered for abroad?

While you and your pet are abroad, our Overseas Travel cover can provide you with the protection you need to safeguard against things that may go wrong while you're on holiday. Our cover includes:

  • Emergency Expenses: Up to £1,500 per period of insurance to cover the loss of a Pet Passport while you're away and up to 5 days of travel and accommodation costs should your pet either go missing, require emergency vet treatment, or you miss your return flight to the UK because of the loss of a Pet Passport.
  • Quarantine Costs: Up to £2,000 per period of insurance to cover the cost of kennelling and boarding fees if you need to stay on to get a new Pet Passport due to a failed microchip or if your pet has contracted an illness despite you complying to Pet Travel Scheme rules.

Overseas Cover can be added to your pet's insurance at any time during your period of insurance. So if you started your policy at the beginning of the year and are planning a holiday now, you can extend your cover to bring along your pet. If you have multiple pets insured with us however, all of those pets will need to be on the same policy, which will need to be extended to include Overseas Travel insurance.

How long will my pet be covered for?

Got a long break in the sun but are worried about when the cover for your pets is going to expire? With our insurance, you shouldn't have to worry!

You can travel within Europe with your pet as many times as you like a year, as long as your trip away lasts no longer than 60 days each time. We aren't ones to tell you that you shouldn't have a holiday, so you can take as many trips as you like within the year and we can keep your pet covered.

Pet Passports: what is a Pet Passport and how do I get one?

What is a Pet Passport?

Before you head away on holiday, the same sense of panic tends to overcome most holidaymakers: have I forgotten my passport?

If you're planning on whisking your pet away for a holiday, then they need to have their passport too. Pet owners need to apply for a Pet Passport before they take their cats and dogs abroad either to or from Europe. Your Pet Passport includes a record of all of their vaccinations they've had, which proves that your pet is fit and healthy to travel.

How do I get a Pet Passport?

To get a Pet Passport, your cat or dog is going to need a vaccination against rabies – if they don't have one already – or possibly a booster shot. To comply with Pet Travel Scheme guidelines, your pet will also need to be microchipped to make them easier to keep track of in case they go missing.

You may be able to get a Pet Passport from your local vet. If you can't, they should refer you to another vet practice who will be able to supply you with one.

You'll need to bring your pet along with you when applying for a Pet Passport, along with their vaccination records and their rabies blood test results – if you have them - and your vet should be able to fill in the required forms for you.

How will Brexit affect travelling with my pet?

Travelling with your pet within the European Union may be affected by developments regarding Brexit.

The United Kingdom's withdrawal from the EU may affect the validity of issued EU Pet Passports and the Pet Travel Scheme. For more information and to keep up with the latest developments regarding pet travel after Brexit, click here.