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How to use this site

This is a step-by-step guide to show you how to obtain an online quote and 'create your own cover'.

Get a quote
The first step is complete the details about you and your pet. We need to know these few details  to be able to offer you a quote.

We will then give you a base price using those details.

Create your own cover
Ok, now you can change the vet fees cover level if you want to and start to add in the cover options that suit your needs. Your quote should update automatically as you select or de-select cover options. If not please use the update button.

Standatr cover - Vet fees
You can choose from 4 different levels, please bear in mind that pedigree pets may be prone to more hereditary problems than crossbreed pets so it may be prudent if you have a pedigree pet that you choose a highest level of cover for that pet that you can afford.

It's important that you understand how pet insurance works so you know exactly what you are buying and which may be better cover for your pet.

We offer an annual vet fees benefit. This allows you to claim up to the level selected each year providing you renew your policy and we are able to offer you cover.

Optional cover - Additional benefits

This option adds extra benefits to your policy:

  • emergency boarding and daily minding fees - £1,500 per year
  • advertising & reward costs - £1,500 per year
  • theft or straying - £1,500
  • death due to accident - £1,500
  • death due to illness (maximum age 5 years) - £1,500
  • holiday cancellation (£75 excess) - £5,000 per year
  • accidental damage to third party property (£75 excess) - £500

Optional cover - Overseas travel

Selecting this option will extend your vet fees cover and additional benefits (if selected) to include Europe, Channel Islands, Isle of Man and the Rupublic of Ireland. Travelling under the Pet Travel Scheme your pet can join you on  a holiday

The maximum trip length is 60 days.

The option also covers:

  • Loss of your Pet Passport - £250 per period of insurance
  • Emergency expenses - £1,000 per period of insurance
  • Quarantine costs - £2,000 per period of insurance
  • Repeat worming treatment (dogs only) - £250 per period of insurance

Optional cover - Liability cover (available for dogs only)

Our liability option will protect you from any third party claims, for which you are found legally liable, should your dog damage another person's property, kill or injure them.

Cover is provided up to £1 million liability per event

A £250 property damage excess applies

You have now 'created your own cover'

You now have 2 options:
You can save your quote for up to 28 days and have it emailed to you for future use.
Continue through the application and take out immediate cover online.

How to pay

Once you've completed the application process, just choose how you wish to pay

  • Online - a single payment by credit or debit card
  • Online - 12 interest free monthly payments by direct debit. This service is provided by PIN Finance, our sister company.

That's it - you're covered!

Within 3 to 5 working days we will send your welcome letter, disclosure document, How we deal with you and your insurance, policy summary, policy wording and confirmation schedule of insurance which will list your pet's details and confirm all the components of the cover you have selected. You can also view or download the summary of cover, policy wording and how we will deal with you and your insurance documents from the website at any time whilst completing your application.

Don't forget - you have 14 days from receipt of the documents to change your mind!

If you want to change details of the cover, you can contact us, call us on 0345 450 7042.

HELPLINE 0345 450 7042
Call our UK-based call centre
Mon to Fri 9.00am to 5.00pm


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