*Discount automatically applied. Available for new petGuard policies incepted from 30th Jan 2020.

Working Dog Insurance

20% discount off specialist pet insurance*

*Discount automatically applied. Available for new petGuard policies incepted from 30th Jan 2020.

What our policy includes

Whether you use your dog for herding, shooting or even as a general farmhand, we know that you, your dog is more than just a four-legged friend. Your pet can provide you with invaluable assistance in your day-to-day life and the loss of which – even if it’s temporary – can make your duties that much harder.

We understand that as an owner of a working dog, it’s essential that your dog is back on its feet as soon as possible. That’s why at petGuard, we can contribute to any vet fees your dog accumulates as a result of injury or illness.

  • Working dogs may need a specialist policy given the range of work they can do – everything from jobs with the police or military to herding sheep or helping people with visual impairments.
  • We can cover dogs used for recreational activities including wildfowling, deer stalking, game shooting, conservation, hawking, ferreting, vermin control, gun dog working and training.
  • Our cover is also ideal for support and assistance dogs, working farm dogs and sheep dogs. 
  • Have a look at our policies below and see if our insurance is right for you and your canine companion.

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    Veterinary Fees

    Choose from three different levels of vet fees cover, which includes up to £12,000 towards your annual vet fees. We can also provide up to 25% of complementary treatments prescribed by your vet. You cannot claim for vet fees within the first 14 days of starting your cover.

    Ill dog with cone around neck

    Accident & Illness

    Protect your pet with our Accident Only cover or choose our Accident & Illness cover in case they fall ill. Read more about our levels of vet fee cover and find out which suits you.


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    Emergency Boarding 

    Suffered an accident that requires emergency treatment? If you can’t look after your pet then we can cover the cost of daily minding or boarding fees of up to £1,500 while you’re on the mend.

    Holiday cancellation

    Holiday Cancellation

    Have you had to cancel or cut your holiday short because your pet is seriously ill? We can provide up to £5,000 towards the cost of a cancelled trip if your pet has gone missing or fallen seriously ill. Exclusions apply to conditions and illnesses.

    pet carry case

    Accidental Damage to Pet Accessories

    If your pet’s cage or tracking device gets damaged or stolen, we can provide up to £500 to repair or replace it. Accessories or pet-related equipment must be owned from new and security requirements apply.

    vet transportation

    Vet Transportation

    If your vet recommends that you visit another vet or specialist for a referral, we can provide up to £200 to cover your travel fees and overnight stays to make sure you get there.

    have you seen this dog?

    Theft or Straying

    If your pet has gone missing for more than 90 days due to straying or theft, we can pay you the original purchase price of your pet. Maximum amount is £1,500 and the claim must be submitted within 180 days.

    reward costs

    Reward Costs

    If your pet is missing, then we’ll do what we can to help. Our cover includes the cost of missing pet posters, local advertising costs and even a £250 reward. Your pet must have been missing for over 24 hours.

    farewell cover

    Farewell Cover

    We can offer up to £200 to provide the send-off your pet deserves if they sadly pass away. Farewell cover includes cremation and burial costs. Cover does not include death from a pre-existing condition or from an illness that your pet was not vaccinated for.

    Our optional extras

    We also offer optional extras that can provide working dogs and their owners, with a range of benefits. Exclusive features of our optional cover include: overseas travel cover so your dog can join you on holiday and up to £2million in liability cover if your dog gets into bother with a third-party. So if your dog is a valuable work partner, our optional covers can provide even more in the way of protection.


    Overseas Travel

    We can help with the cost of vet fees abroad, as well as providing up to £1,500 to cover emergency expenses. Maximum 60 days of cover per trip.


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    PL extension_photo

    Dog Liability

    Up to £2million per event in Public Liability insurance available if your dog injures someone or damages property. If your dog gets you into bother then we can help. Conditions apply.


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