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Dog Liability Insurance

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*Discount automatically applied. Available for new petGuard policies incepted from 30th Jan 2020.

Public Liability insurance for dogs

What is Public Liability insurance?

Public Liability insurance can give you as a pet owner added security when you take your dog out for a walk. We know that some dogs can get a little carried away when they're playing in the park or out for a run, so you'll want to protect yourself against any damage that they might cause. Our Public Liability insurance can keep you covered if your dog damages surrounding property, or - in more serious circumstances - if your dog injures a member of the public. Our insurance can provide up to £2million in the event that you have to protect yourself against liability claims that you may be accountable for, as a result of the actions of your dog.

Do I need Public Liability insurance for my dog?

Public Liability insurance is designed to protect you if your dog ever injures a stranger or damages property. For dog owners, this may well be a realistic scenario, but one that could have awful consequences: you're out for a walk with your dog in a field, your dog is happily off its lead and spots someone up ahead. Your dog runs up to the passer-by and knocks them over. If this happens, you could end up facing legal action if that person was injured.

Your dog may not have intended to cause harm, but unfortunately, as their owner you can be found to be at fault for their actions. To help avoid your dog dragging you into a legal dispute, our cover can provide up to £2million in Public Liability insurance that can include legal fees and damages. 

Does insurance cover dog damage?

Third party dog cover aims to give you financial protection against any of the risks associated with owning a dog. We understand that accidental damage or injury can burden any dog owner at any time. If your dog were to run out in the road and cause an accident, compensation may be sought from you. Your Public Liability policy is designed to cover these eventualities.

What dogs do we cover?

Interested in our Public Liability insurance for your dog? If you’re worried about what your dog might get up to when out in public, then our cover is for you. Whether you’ve just got a new puppy or if you own an assistance dog, then our policies can provide you with protection in the event that your dog injures someone, or damages property. Take a look at which dogs we can insure below and what our Public Liability insurance can offer you and your canine friend and get a quote from us today. 

Student Camera Insurance


If you like taking your dog for a walk off the lead, then our liability insurance can keep you covered should they get into bother with a stranger. Conditions apply.


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Working dog insurance

Working Dogs

Do you need your dog to help out with farm work or to assist with your daily duties? It’s essential that you’re covered in case something goes wrong. Conditions apply.


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Puppy Insurance


It’s natural that you’ll want to keep your puppy safe. A young dog can be particularly playful, so protect yourself against damage they might cause with our cover today. Conditions apply.


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