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Specialist cat insurance from petGuard

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Some cats just love human affection, while others are quite happy to be left to their own devices. Either way, it’s important to protect your cat if they get into trouble or suffer an illness. Our insurance can help keep your cat safe.

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Specialist insurance for cats from petGuard

Why protect your cat with petGuard?

Our insurance for cats is designed to make things easier. Take a look at what we can do to ease some of the stress of looking after your cat. 

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How does our vet cover work?

Three different levels of vet fees cover for your cat - £3,000, £6,000 or £12,000 towards your annual vet fees if your cat is ill or has an accident. Excludes pre-existing conditions & any claims within the first 14 days of purchasing cover.

Need somewhere for your cat to stay?

Suffered an accident that requires emergency treatment? If you can’t look after your cat then we can cover the cost of daily minding or boarding fees of up to £1,500 while you’re on the mend.

Have more than one pet?

Include more than one dog or cat on the same policy and we’ll automatically include our multi-pet discount. You can include up to 5 pets on the same policy and they will each be covered for the same vet fee amount that you have chosen. Sorry, we can’t offer cover to dog or cat breeders.

Holiday cancelled last minute?

Have you had to cancel or cut your holiday short because your cat is seriously ill? We can provide up to £5,000 towards the cost of a cancelled trip if your pet has gone missing or fallen seriously ill. Exclusions apply to conditions and illnesses.

Need help looking for your cat?

If your cat is missing, then we’ll do what we can to help. Our cover includes the cost of missing pet posters, local advertising costs and even a £250 reward. Your cat must have been missing for over 24 hours.


Optional cat insurance cover

Overseas pet travel

We can help with the cost of vet fees abroad, as well as providing up to £1,500 to cover emergency expenses. Maximum 60 days cover per trip.

Which types of pet do we cover at petGuard?

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Frequently asked questions about cat insurance

Want to find out more about our cat insurance?

Got a question about our cover for your cat? Or want to know more about cats and kittens in general? We’ve answered a few questions for you right here!

Some cats love to wander and some love to stay at home. Whether your cat is a house-cat or not, it may be worth getting insurance for your cat to help with the cost of unexpected vet fees.

You can choose from either our Accident Only cover or our Accident & Illness cover and get up to £12,000 towards annual vet fees for your cat.

Our cover starts for cats over 8 weeks of age. We cannot cover claims arising within the first 14 days of your insurance starting and pre-existing illnesses & conditions are not covered.

Yes! With our pet insurance we can cover older cats. If you’re looking to get insurance for your feline friend, or whether you’ve recently adopted an older cat, then we can provide you with cover.

What about cats over 8 years of age?

If you’ve got a cat over 8 years of age and you’re making a claim for their vet fees, then the excess that you must pay for each condition annually is:

• The first £100

• Plus 20% of the remaining cost of treatment

If you own more than one cat, then you could look into including all of your cats on one insurance policy.

Multi-pet insurance means that you don’t have to have all of your cats on different policies. Instead, you can cover up to five cats on one policy, saving you plenty of hassle and money at the same time!

We do not insure cats that are used for breeding purposes and pre-existing illnesses & conditions are not covered.

Cat insurance is there to step in if your cat has been injured or fallen ill. A trip to the vets can be a stressful time for both you and your cat, while the unexpected cost of treatment can come as a nasty surprise.

With insurance for your cat, you can choose between our Accident Only cover and cover for Accident & Illness and get up to £12,000 to help pay for those unexpected vet fees.

When cats go wandering, it can be hard to tell what they’re up to. With cat insurance, you can make sure that you’ve got a plan in place in case your cat falls ill or suffers an injury.

Even indoor cats aren’t immune from getting into bother while they’re at home either, so it may be worth looking into cat insurance for your house cat.

Insurance for your cat can start as soon as possible! Our cover starts for cats and kittens aged 8 weeks and over.

We cannot cover claims arising within the first 14 days of your insurance starting and pre-existing illnesses & conditions are not covered.

Yes. You must be a UK resident and domiciled in the UK.

You can choose to pay in full by credit or debit card. Alternatively, you can take advantage of our interest free monthly payment option and simply spread the payments out, without any additional cost.

Your pet must be 2 months old at the start date of cover. There is no maximum pet age to apply for this insurance, but there are age limits on cover sections.

Death due to illness is limited to pets under 5 years of age at the time of the incident. Full details are found in the policy wording.

Provided that you have chosen our Accident & Illness cover we will refresh your veterinary fees benefit each year allowing you to claim for ongoing conditions on your cat insurance for as long as the policy is renewed without any breaks in cover.

Yes. Depending on the type of cover you select we are able to cover treatment provided that it is related to an accident or illness.

Yes there is an excess you will need to pay in respect of each illness or injury for which you wish to claim each year. These are as follows:

Veterinary Fees

For each illness or injury arising during each period of insurance your excess will be:

• For pets under 8 years of age at time of treatment: The first £100.

• For pets older than 8 years of age at time of treatment: The first £100 plus 20% of the remaining cost of treatment.

Holiday Cancellation

• The first £75 of the claim.

Accidental Damage to Third Party Property

• The first £75 of the claim.

Accidental Damage to Pet Accessories

• The first £50 of the claim.

Emergency Expenses

• The first £50 of the claim.

Third Party Liability

• The first £250 of property damage claim.

No, sorry - we cannot provide cover for pets that are used for breeding. There are special policies for their specific risks, and we suggest you speak to your vet or local insurance broker for help finding suitable cover.

We offer a choice of 3 annual benefit levels. You can insure up to the chosen limit each year & provided that we are able to offer renewal and you renew without a gap in cover the benefit will be reinstated for the next period of insurance. This means that you can claim for chronic or ongoing conditions such as arthritis, diabetes, heart, or skin conditions whilst the policy remains in force.

We need some details about you and the pet you wish to insure together with either bank account or debit/credit card details for payment of the premium.

This is something we are able to do provided that your vet is happy with this arrangement.

We look at a number of factors including the age and breed of the pet, the risk of chronic or recurring conditions associated with certain breeds, the area the pet lives in and any claims history.

If you need to make a claim (excluding Third Party Liability claims), then feel free to contact our UK-based claims team. Once you've made a claim, we can keep you updated regularly by text or email.

Make your claim by either calling Covea Insurance on: 0333 130 4534

Alternatively you can email:

For Third Party Liability claims, contact Ageas Insurance Ltd on: 0345 415 0495

As the insurance policy is a legal agreement between us and the policyholder, we can only set up a policy with the person who will be named as the policyholder.

Your pet can be covered abroad if you select the Overseas Travel cover, providing your pet complies with the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS).

Overseas Travel can be a useful option if you are planning to take your pet on holiday with you. This allows you to travel with your pet to anywhere in Europe (including Channel Islands, Isle of Man & the Republic of Ireland) for up to 60 days at a time.

Now that the UK has left the European Union, you should consult the government’s website for the latest information and/or speak to your vet about how this may impact your travel after 1st January 2021.

Making a claim with petGuard

We’ve made making a claim so easy

If something has happened to your pet, then we're very sorry to hear it. If you find yourself needing to make a claim against your policy, then we'll tell you what your next steps are and how you can get in touch with us.

1. Get in touch

If you need to make a claim (excluding Third Party Liability claims), then feel free to contact our UK-based claims team. Once you've made a claim, we can keep you updated regularly by text or email. Make your claim by either calling Covea Insurance on: 0333 130 4534

Alternatively you can email:


2. Worried that your pet is lost or stolen?

Cat owners will need to contact local rescue centres within 24 hours of your cat going missing. Dog owners must contact the police immediately if you suspect your dog has gone missing or has been stolen.

3. Make your claim

If your claim has been successful, then we can pay the full amount either:

  • Straight into your bank account so you aren't left out of pocket, or;
  • To your vet if this is more convenient for you

All claims are handled in the UK by Covea Insurance. While your claim is being dealt with, you can receive regular updates on its progress via email or text message.


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