*Discount automatically applied. Available for new petGuard policies incepted from 30th Jan 2020.

Kitten Insurance

20% discount off specialist pet insurance*

*Discount automatically applied. Available for new petGuard policies incepted from 30th Jan 2020.

Key features

We know that young kittens can be inquisitive and playful. From an early age, their natural instinct is to roam and explore. When they do wander, it’s important that they’re protected should they become injured or suffer from an illness as a result of their curiosity. Our cover can help with the cost of vet fees should your kitten require medical attention and we can also offer up to £250 as a reward to help find your kitten if they go missing for over 24 hours. Take a look at the features of our policy and see what we can do to keep your kitten safe and sound.

Got a holiday coming up? Well now you can extend your cover and your kitten can join you! Our Overseas Travel cover option can keep your young cat insured for up to 30 days at a time. Have a look at what's included right here

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Veterinary Fees

If your kitten has to take a trip to the vets due to injury or illness, we can contribute towards the cost of their treatment. You cannot claim for vet fees within the first 14 days of starting your cover.

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Accident & Illness

Protect your pet with our Accident Only cover or choose our Accident & Illness cover in case they fall ill. Read more about our levels of vet fee cover and find out which suits you.


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Emergency Boarding

Suffered an accident that requires emergency treatment? If you can’t look after your pet then we can cover the cost of daily minding or boarding fees of up to £1,500 while you’re on the mend.


Holiday Cancellation

If the holiday you’ve been looking forward to has ended sooner than expected because your kitten has gone missing or has been injured, we can provide up to £5,000 in accommodation and travel costs.

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Accidental Damage to Pet Accessories

If your pet’s cage or tracking device gets damaged or stolen, we can provide up to £500 to repair or replace it. Accessories or pet-related equipment must be owned from new and security requirements apply.

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Vet Transportation

If your vet recommends that your kitten needs to visit another vet or specialist for a referral, we can provide up to £200 to cover your travel fees and overnight stays to make sure you get there.

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Theft or Straying

Has your kitten strayed further than usual? We can pay for the original price of your kitten if you’re separated for more than 90 days. Your claim must be made within 180 days of your kitten going missing and the loss must be reported to police within the first 24 hours. 


Reward Costs

If your kitten goes missing, then we’ll do what we can to help. Our cover includes the cost of missing pet posters, local advertising costs and even a £250 reward. Your kitten must have been missing for over 24 hours.

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Farewell Cover

In the sad event that your kitten passes away or is put to sleep because of illness or injury, we can provide up to £200 to pay for the cost of cremation or burial. Cover does not include death from a pre-existing condition or from an illness that your kitten was not vaccinated for.

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