How can you tell if your cat loves you?

How do cats show affection?

How can you tell if your cat loves you?

Cats have an unfair reputation as being cold and uncaring, but any cat owner will know different. Our feline friends are full of love and they have a number of different ways of telling us that they do. This Valentines Day, keep an eye out for these signs that your cat is sending some love your way.

How does your cat show love?

Every cat is different, and your kitty may have their own special way of telling you that they’re enjoying your company. However, there are a few common signs that our cats show to let us know they are. At petGuard, we think it’s important to look out the ways in which our cats love us.

Here are the six signs of cat affection you need to look out for:

1) Headbutting

In humans, headbutting is far from a sign of affection. In cats though, headbutting is a clear sign that your cat loves you. Also known as bunting, your cat is actually trying to rub their scent on to you using glands in their forehand, lips and cheeks.

2) Slowly blinking

Cat being stroked

You may have seen your cat slowly blinking at you. If you have, that’s a pretty good sign that your cat loves you. Cats will slow blink when they’re feeling relaxed and happy or half-close their eyes as if they’re about to go to sleep.

3) Cheek Rubs

Cats have a lot of scent glands around their heads. They have scent glands in their cheeks, forehead, neck and ears. By bunting and rubbing their cheeks against things, cats will activate these scent glands and rub them as a way of claiming ownership of you or marking their territory.

4) Talking

Cat meowing to owner

Cats aren’t shy of vocalising. If your cat is chirping away or meowing at you, then they could be pouring their hearts out to you. Cats have a varied way of communicating with us and have different sounds depending on what they want to get across, but what do they all mean?

  • Meowing: Cats will meow primarily to talk to humans. It’s very rare that an adult cat will meow at their fellow felines. When your cat meows, it’s likely that they want something from you – more then likely food or attention!
  • Purring: There’s something almost soothing about hearing your cat purr. Cats will purr when they’re relaxed and in a good mood. Occasionally, cats will also purr when they’re nervous, so check the position of their ears to be sure. If their ears are pushed back, then they may be feeling anxious.
  • Talking: Cats can be very chatty. You may have noticed your kitty making chirping or trill sounds almost like a little bird. This usually means that they’re trying hard to get your attention but it can also be them trying to say how happy or excited they are.

5) Grooming you

Cats show affection for other cats through grooming and licking – and they do the same thing for us too. Grooming helps your cat relax, builds trust and create a shared scent. Your cat does a lot of communicating through their tongue, so if they’re licking you it’s often a sign that they’re calm and want to show you affection.

6) Following you around

Cat following owner

If your cat can’t get enough of you, then they’ll happily follow you around the house. Cats love being around those they’re close to, so you might find them following you around from room to room. You’ll find that if your cat is feeling particularly affectionate, then they will try and get as close as they can to you, lying on you, touching you and generally enjoying as much of your company as they can.