How do you keep your cat calm in a storm?

What to do with your cat during a storm

It’s important that you can make sure that your cat get inside easily if they like their outdoors time. Also make sure that their microchip details are up to date. Cats can panic during a storm and high winds and if they do get lost, then a microchip can help you get them back safely.

Cat scared of storm

It's a good idea to give your cat a safe space when there are weather warnings for a storm.

  • Keep them inside: As much as you can, keep your cat inside during a storm. Keep a litter tray out (even if your cat doesn’t tend to use one) and lock the cat flaps, doors and windows when the storm is at its worst.
  • Give them a safe area: Give your cat a safe area somewhere where they can get up and down safely, either on a shelf or cupboard.
  • Keep them away from the window: Keep your cat away from the window as much as you can. If there’s going to be thunder or lightning, keep the curtains closed.
  • Keep them calm: If your cat is scared of the noise of thunder, lightning or high winds, then put on the radio or TV to cover up some of the loud noise.

Why do cats hate wind?

Your cat might associate high winds with an incoming storm. Storms can make some cats very scared.

Many cats also dislike wind. You can tell this by the way that they react if you were to blow on their face. Each hair ending triggers a nerve ending which can be annoying if disturbed. Your cat’s fur has a density of about 10,000 hairs per square centimetre, so when the wind starts pushing their fur and all of these nerve endings in different directions, that can get very frustrating very quickly!