How do you know if your dog loves you?

How to know if your dog loves you on Valentine's Day

These are the signs that your dog wants to show you affection!

Valentine's Day is around the corner and if there’s one date we know we can rely on, it’s our dogs. As pet owners, our love for our pups knows no bounds, but how do we know if the feeling is mutual?

Here’s some of the ‘tell-tail’ signs to look out for when our dogs are showing us affection!

How do dogs show their owners love?

Dogs have plenty of ways of showing their owners that they love them. Here are some of the main signs to look out for when your dog is showing you just how much they appreciate your company.

Eye Contact

You might get intimidated if a human is staring at you, but with your dog it’s a good sign. Dogs stare at their owners to show affection and also to get your attention! Prolonged eye contact with your dog shows that they’ve got a high level of attachment to you. Studies have shown that staring between pet owners and their dogs can release oxytocin – a chemical also known as the love hormone.


This is probably one of the easier to spot signs that your dog loves you. Dogs will jump up at their owners excitedly to try and get near them. Many people can find this behaviour annoying and will try to encourage their dogs not to do so but remember that it comes from a place of love.


Now this one might not be the most obvious sign of affection, but dogs will sigh as a sign of love. Dogs can be very vocal about their emotions and this includes sighs and whining! Very low-pitched sighs are a very common way for puppies to show that they’re feeling content in your company.


Dogs lick people for many, many reasons (not just when we have food on our hands). Licking is instinctive in all dogs and one of the first things a mother will do to her pup. If your dog licks you, this is probably a sign that they love you.

What is your dog’s love language?

Of course, some of us don’t need to be told how our dogs show us love. A survey from the Dog People over at found that 86% of owners know exactly how our dogs like to be shown affection. Here’s what they found!

Almost half of dog owners reported that petting and cuddles was their dog’s favourite love language, followed by spending quality time such as playing or going for walks. You can find out more here!

Dog love language

86% of dog owners say that they know their dog's love language, according to

How can you celebrate Valentine's with your dog?

Over a third of dog owners say that puppy love will be on the cards for Valentine's this year and 41% say that they plan on buying their dog a gift this weekend! found that the best reasons for pet owners to buy their dog Valentine's presents were:

  1. Their dog brings joy to their life!
  2. They want to show their dog that they care!
  3. They buy their dog a gift every Valentine's!

Dogs Valentines Day

Treats and food are at the top of most Valentine's wishlists! 

If you’re spending Valentine's Day with your dog, then we hope you have a lovely time – and look out for the signs that your dog is also enjoying themselves! Send in your Valentine's pictures to our Facebook page so that we can spread the love!