World record for oldest dog ever broken by Bobi, 30

The world record for oldest living dog has been broken by a Portuguese dog named Bobi.

Recently, Guinness World Records had announced that another dog, Spike – a 23 year old Chihuahua mix – was the oldest dog alive. However, proof has now emerged that not only is the Portuguese purebred some seven years’ Spike’s senior, but Bobi is also the oldest dog ever.

Bobi, a Portuguese livestock breed called the Rafeiro do Alentejo, was registered at his local vets back in 1992.

After verifying his birthdate with a national database, the vets were able to confirm that Bobi has beaten the previous record holder, Bluey, who was born in 1910 and lived to be 29 years and 5 months old.

Incredibly, Bobi’s story is one of overcoming the odds, with the record-breaking canine being the only surviving member from a litter of four. Leonel Costa told Guinness World Records that initially, he had to keep Bobi’s existence a secret from his parents, who believed they already had enough animals on their farm in Western Portugal. However, the family soon decided to keep the pup around once they saw his doting little eyes.

Bobi is described as a sociable dog, who has lived with many animals and has never been walked on a leash and instead has free roam of the farm. Leonel, who also says that Bobi has a diet of leftovers from family meals has attributed his impressive longevity to his “calm, peaceful environment”.

Bobi, 30, pictured in 2023 alongside his certificate after breaking the world record for both World's Oldest Living Dog and Oldest Dog Ever. Picture courtesy of Guinness World Records

Bobi, pictured with his record breaking certificate / Image: Guinness World Records

How old is the world’s oldest dog?

Bobi, who lives with the Costa family in Leiria, Portugal is aged 30 years and 266 days (as of February 1st 2023).

The pensioner pooch is a Portuguese breed known as a Rafeiro do Alentejo, a large dog used to guard livestock and has a typical life expectancy of 12-14 years.

Who are some of the longest living dogs?



Birth Date



Country of Residence


Bobi11 May 199230 years, 269 days Rafeiro do Alentejo Portugal


Bluey07 June 1910 29 years, 160 days Australian Cattle Dog Australia
3Taffy01 September 1975 27 years, 211 days Welsh Collie United Kingdom
4Adjutant14 August 1936 27 years, 98 days Labrador Retriever United Kingdom
5Buksi1990 26–27 years Mutt Hungary
6Bramble1978 24–25 years Border Collie United Kingdom
7Spike30 November 1999 23 years, 66 days Chihuahua mix United States
8Pebbles28 March 2000 22 years, 189 days Toy Fox Terrier United States
9 Gino Hammerstrike Gilgamesh Wolf24 September 2000 22 years, 121 days Chihuahua/American Eskimo mix United States
10 TobyKeith09 January 2001 22 years, 26 days Chihuahua United States


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